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Motor Insurance

Insurance made to measure

You decide how you want to protect your car and the coverage you want to include in your insurance.

Personal advice

We explain to you directly any queries you may have about your car insurance, to help choose what suits you best.

Travel in good company

Because we help you to solve anything unexpected that may arise when you are in your car, whether a breakdown or an accident.

Extensive network of professional garages

We make available to you an extensive network of specialist garages, to make sure your vehicle is always in the best hands.



Including this guarantee in your insurance, at a minimum cost, will avoid unexpected pay outs if your windscreen gets damaged. 

Own Damage

This comprehensive insurance covers material damage to our own car, which we have caused ourselves or a third party that we cannot identify. 

Voluntary civil liability

To extend coverage and cover all risk situations not covered by compulsory public liability. 

 Travel assistance from home

We help you when your car breaks down on a trip and, for example, if it doesn't start or if you lose your keys when at the petrol station.

 Courtesy vehicle

If you depend on your vehicle on a daily basis and it needs repairing following an accident, we will provide you with a courtesy vehicle in certain situations.

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